Alright boys, you know the drill. This is my first and likely only mock of the year (I'm also gonna put together what I would do and one with trades just for fun), this is me trying to read Ireland and is assuming that we don't bring on Albert. At this point I think it's more likely that a trade happens on draft day or we get Winston into the fold. I don't agree will all of these picks, this is just what I think Ireland would consider doing. So without further ado, give this a read and give me your thoughts.

MOCK DRAFT - What Ireland will do

1. 12. Jonathan Cooper | OG | North Carolina
I'm having trouble breaking down Ireland and what way he's looking with the first pick. What we do know about Ireland is he likes to draft horizontally, so in the first round one would assume a tackle, a corner or a guard would be the most likely positions to be considered with defensive tackle as a dark horse. I don't think they are pegging defensive end as highly as me or other Dolphins fans would like and out of the top 3 needs listed I think Cooper will be the highest on our board. With Milliner off the board I don't think the Dolphins would take Hayden, since they've been quoted as considering corners easy to find later in the draft, especially one with such quality depth at the position. As for tackle with the top 3 off the board I don't think Fluker has the athleticism necessary to fit our scheme. That makes Cooper the pick, I don't believe in taking interior linemen in the top 15, but this is where I think Ireland is leaning. Cooper would solidify the interior line and provides the athleticism that Philbin covets. With Cog, Jerry and Louis' contracts expiring in 2014 Cooper would be a fixture on our offensive line for years to come.

Other option: Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina

2. 42. Justin Pugh | OL | Syracuse
The draft just keeps getting sexier and Dolphins fans would wake up from their clouded drunken rage from the night prior to get blindsided by another lineman. To piss people off even more they might even have to jump up a few picks to nab Pugh on the second day. Pugh is an extremely intelligent lineman and offers a lot of versatility on the Dolphins line. I would plug him in at right tackle in spite of his short arms. This would create a line of Martin-Incognito-Pouncey-Cooper-Pugh/Jerry. I would work in a Winston or Clabo so there wasn't so little experience on our line, but that will have to come after the draft. I do like Kyle Long as a guy who can protect the blindside as well and either could be available here.

Other option: Kyle Long, OT, Oregon

2. 54. Robert Alford | CB | Southeastern Louisiana
Looking at the 2013 schedule the team desperately needs as many pieces in the secondary as possible, Alford has scheme flexibility and works well in zone and would be a good fit in this range. He would make one of Marshall or Patterson expendable, freeing up some space under the cap and infusing some young talent into a crucial group.

Other option: Darius Slay, CB, Mississippi State

3. 77. John Jenkins | DT | Georgia
There is a number of nose tackles in this draft, as a result some players will fall. Jenkins would be an exceptional value here and would fit in as the heir to Soliai whose contract is up following this season. Jenkins is disruptive and is talented enough to help our run defense not miss a beat in 2014.

Other option: Brandon Williams, NT, Missouri Southern

3. 82. Christine Michael | RB | Texas A&M
The A&M connection is obvious, and the team has shown some interest in his as well as Bernard. I don't think Bernard gets this far and I think they like Miller enough to wait till at the earliest the 3rd round to find his compliment. Michael is viewed by many as underrated and would fit well in a committee with Miller and has familiarity with the offense.

Other option: Giovani Bernard, RB, North Carolina (if available) or Jordan Poyer, CB, Oregon State.

4. 111. Don Jones | S | Arkansas State
This is one of those surprise picks that finds their way into every draft. The Dolphins have been heavily linked to Jones and need some depth at safety. Right now he's pegged at about a 5th or 6th rounder, whenever he's drafted, I see him winding up a Dolphin.

Other option: Sean Porter, OLB, Texas A&M

5. 146. Marc Anthony | CB | California
The Phins need some longer defenders in their secondary. Anthony has long arms and decent height, while the strength of his game lies in zone coverage, which we are likely running a lot of in the upcoming season. He brings more talent to a corner group that needs to deal with some very talented passing offenses this upcoming season.

Other option: Josh Boyce, WR, TCU

5. 166. Ryan Otten | TE | San Jose State
The Dolphins have expressed interest in a number of tight ends to compliment Keller. Otten is one of those guys and provides a solid target for Tannehill in the redzone. In the fifth round he's a good value and doesn't necessarily admit failure regarding the Egnew pick.

Other option: Dion Sims, TE, Michigan State

7. 217. Zach Rogers | WR | Tennessee
I initially wanted to fit Boyce in as a replacement for Bess but couldn't make it work. Rogers has a checkered past but has solid upside. He's a great value here and could still push Bess.

Other option: Kayvon Webster, CB, South Florida

7. 224. Tourek Williams | DE | Florida International
To the chagrin of many Dolphins fans it takes this long for a defensive end to get drafted. I just think we like what we have in Vernon and we don't see to have much interest pushing Odrick inside quite yet. I could be wrong, and we could take one in the top 3 rounds, but with our hands tied at offensive tackle I think DE hits the backburner a bit. Williams is a local product as well.

Other option: Latavius Murray, RB, Central Florida

7.250. Brandon Hepburn | ILB | Florida A&M
Another local product, we need linebacker depth and I wouldn't be surprised at all if we draft one in rounds 3 or 4. Hepburn is another local guy and we have showed some interest in him.

Other option: John Lotulelei, ILB, UNLV

UFA: Zach Brown | K | Portland State
I think we'll look to replace Carp in the same way we found Carp. Sturgis and Hopkins could go as high as the 5th-6th range and I think a guy like Brown could be a quality option to push Carp, even replace him.