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Thread: Describe your draft philosophy

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    Philbin is an idiot
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    Tannehill 17
    Offense: more speed from wideout, bigger more physical tight end, and a speedy back to compliment Miller
    Defense: Playmakers at all positions. Anyone that can get to the QB and force a fumble or score a pick six for us.
    Special Teams: Dustin Muh-fuggin Hopkins

    First round go BPA - we have a lot of needs and there are 4-5 positions where we can put someone in and start day one. We should come out of this draft knowing Tannehill has all the tools to succeed, and the defense that'll allow us to win the turnover battle.
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    Bpa. I'm a pretty straight-up value guy unless you're talking QB or positions of really great depth (we don't have any of those right now, and few NFL teams do). Need as much talent on the roster as possible, and then figure out how to get all that talent on the field. See: Giants pass-rush, GB WRs, Balt RBs, SF run-blockers - they find ways to build their strategy and rotations around the depth of talent on the roster. You don't pass on your #10 ranked prospect to fill a big need with someone who you have ranked #17. The draft is enough of a crapshoot as it is in terms of getting legit starters; can't make your odds even worse by not drafting the best talent at a certain pick.
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