Eifert has nearly a complete skill set and he's shown he can work well in traffic and is a red zone threat. He's about as a complete TE as you can find in the draft.

While the rest of the modern NFL has made the change to this new prototype of TE, we keep drafting traditional pieces at traditional spots in the draft. And BOY has it worked out well for us.

EVERY draft our fans seem to forget about what Crumpler, Gonzalez, Witten, Gronk, Hernandez, Winslow (when he was healthy for 2 games in his career), Miller and this TE and that TE have done to US in the past year. How many GAMES have we lost because we couldn't cover an athletic TE up the seam? HOW MANY? You can go back to the Pornstache days and see us losing key games because of this.

YET, we NEVER draft our own. And, I might add, we've been slow to even fill the void at LB to stop this problem.

I've seen a post or two about "we need to protect the QB". A great offense is a great defense. Instead of the "falling back on our heals" approach to protecting the QB.... ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK. How many steps does a QB need to hit the seam? 3?

Put Eiffert and Keller on the field with Wallace, Hartline and Gibson. I DARE you to blitz. RYAN TANNEHILL EXCELS at blitz pickup and completing the hot read. I DARE you to blitz us! You're LB or uncovered DB won't even get to juke Miller in the backfield. The ball will be out and a 10 yard completion will be moving the chains.

ATTACK the defense people. DICTATE to the defense.

We don't need Jake Long if the ball is already out before the LT is engaged. Some fans need to embrace a new philosophy.

This is not the Aikman, Irvin and Smith offense of the 1990's. This is the Rodgers, Jennings, Finley, Jones and Driver offense of today authored by our very own head coach.

It still amazes me when I see people talking about LT, OLineman and security blankets for the QB. That assumes you're letting the defensive pressure dictate who is open.

You put 5 or 6 targets out there and let your QB make the defense REACT. Overmatch the defense and let your QB find the open man. It's an aggressive and completely contradictory way of playing offense. Adjust. But do so in a happy fashion... cause it wins.