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Thread: The Goat's Second Mock Draft. (Now with third-person reference AND more realism!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kcbrown View Post
    I like everything but Lattimore.

    Love the guy but just don't think he's going to have a productive NFL career. Why buy a used car that's been in a couple of wrecks (Lattimore)...when you can buy new (i.e. a back with no knee surgeries).
    Because it's a Ferrari. On sale.
    "If foot fetish videos of your wife surface online, and the voice of the cameraman sounds like you, just admit that it was you ... because the alternative is that someone else was filming foot fetish videos of your wife, and I'm pretty sure that's worse." - Bill Simmons's enduring lesson to Rex Ryan.
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    Projecting Mathieu to us will never happen. Ireland & Philbin remove players with serious character concerns so he's not even on our board.
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