I agree with the prevailing sentiment that we need to keep adding playmakers. But we also need to be able to stop teams with high powered offenses. We face Brady twice a year, play the Colts, Saints, Falcons...and in the playoffs, we will be meeting teams that can throw the ball. We need better DBs. Anyway, my mock would go like this.

I would trade back with the 49ers for #31, #34, and #93. That would give us seven picks between #31 and #93. I think we can add quality players that can help us.

#31. Manelik Watson, OT, FSU
#34. DJ Hayden, CB, UH
#42. Robert Alford, CB, SLU
#54. Travis Kelce, TE, Cincy
#77. Bennie Logan, DT, THE LSU Bengal Tigers!!!!
#82. Stedman Bailey, WR, WVU
#93. Sean Porter, OLB, TA&M
Rds 4-7....try to find pass rushers.

I understand we need pass rushers. I think scheme may help us with some of that. I also think we have some players on the team (Vernon, Shelby) that will be better than last year.

Worst case, we have addressed our OT and CB needs and next year, our one glaring need is DE.

I also think Kelce gives us what we need from the TE position, and that is a red zone target and help on third downs. I think hes the second best TE in the draft. I like him better than the kid from Stanford.