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Thread: Talking Points: Hard to know what to believe with Miami Dolphins’ pursuit of LT!

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    Talking Points: Hard to know what to believe with Miami Dolphins’ pursuit of LT!

    1. Hard to know what to believe with Miami Dolphins’ pursuit of LT Branden Albert.
    It’s time to get low to the floor and cover your face with a wet towel. Because when it comes to the Dolphins and Chiefs LT Branden Albert, it’s getting pretty smoky in here.
    Conflicting reports are popping up all over the place concerning the Dolphins potential trade of Albert. Over the weekend, Yahoo’s Jason Cole said the Dolphins didn’t want to meet Albert’s contract demands – somewhere between $8.5 and $9 million per season. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport then contradicted that report yesterday, saying the Dolphins are willing to meet Albert on a contract, but are only willing to give the Chiefs the 54th overall pick, but the Chiefs want 42nd.
    A report from Arizona radio station XTRA 910 stated that the Cardinals have discussed trading for Albert after his talks with the Dolphins stalled. Then we have a report from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen last night, who said that Albert’s demands have “turned off” the Dolphins, and that the Dolphins and Chiefs have had “little or no communication for almost 2 weeks.” Finally, ESPN’s John Clayton threw gas on the fire this morning on Mike and Mike, saying that the Chiefs are trying to play it coy right now so as not to give away their intentions of drafting LT Luke Joeckel, but the Dolphins and Chiefs are expected to complete the trade right before or during the first round of the NFL Draft. “In the end, you know that’s going to happen,” Clayton said.
    Which sources are setting smokescreens, and which are telling the truth? We likely have three more days of speculation until we see who comes out of the pile with the football.
    Our opinion: We think the Dolphins can get better value by drafting a left (or right) tackle in the draft instead of spending a second-round pick and a large contract on Albert, who is a good player but is 28 and missed three games with a back injury last year. But we also get the rationale that the Dolphins would rather have a veteran like Albert paired with Jonathan Martin at tackle instead of Martin and a rookie.

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    I feel like if a team told the 100% truth right now everyone would think they are lying.

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