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Thread: Tony Pauline: Dolphins among top suitors for Tank Carradine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canadi-Phin View Post
    I agree Omen, 12 seems like a pretty sweet spot. Especially if you think at 12 there could be Carradine, Vaccaro, Hayden, Efiert, Austin sitting there, we could drop back 4 spots to the Rams, let them take Austin
    and still fill a need with a great player and maybe grab an additional 3rd.
    I like that but I also don't like it, and let me tell you why. The Jets who have a lot of the same needs we do, already pick in front of us at 9 and if we move back to 16 that would mean they have 2 picks in front of us, 9 and 14... Sure we need to worry about what we do and not what the Jets do, but I would hate to see those asshats take not 1 but 2 of the players we covet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ckparrothead View Post
    That would be pretty sick.

    Not that I'm a huge fan of the Branden Albert trade but imagine if the Dolphins were able to for example trade 54 out for Albert, take Hayden at 12, and then trade #42 and #77 up for Carradine.

    That move might save Ireland's job, and I would no longer doubt him......for at least a month
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