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Thread: Grushcow's Mock - With Trades to please the people! (2013 roster bonus!)

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    Grushcow's Mock - With Trades to please the people! (2013 roster bonus!)

    Not high on Michael.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tjmeyers View Post
    Based off the depth chart, the only starter we drafted was a kicker and actually hes listed as a UFA (although I love the Eifert pick). I personally would like to come out with a few day 1 starters.
    I mean when it comes down to it what positions are we legit gonna draft that would be week 1 starters? I see tackle, guard, defensive end, corner. Tackle is going to be addressed, likely by trade, so there's 1 starter. Guard isn't a premium position and we've got competent starters at both spots, no guarantee anyone outside of a 1st rounder would start at RG. Basically in the first with the top 3 tackles gone the only starters you're going to find are at end or corner, reading the tea leaves as best as I can DJ and Tank are potential options that would result in one extra starter. Eifert is essentially a starter, UFA kicker could knock Carp off the roster. But realistically you can't expect 3 more than 3 day 1 starters out of the draft. I see Albert (who essentially is a draft pick) and a second round corner who could push for a starting role. If you go DE in the first then sure you might have 3 starters, but Eifert is essentially a starter.
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