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Thread: Is the '95 draft, the worst Phins draft ever?

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    Is the '95 draft, the worst Phins draft ever?

    Hagan & Aromymutha were decent after leaving Davie also...
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    Quote Originally Posted by hooshoops View Post
    damn that's awful...guess i shouldn't complain as much anymore about what ireland does...ha ha

    in 06' manny wright as a supp pick the year prior...the guy that cried on the field...unreal...they let fred evans go and he had some success i want to say in minnesota
    Worst draft I can remember was Shula's last one he drafted a OT in the first round I believe named Milner in the first round lasted maybe 3 years in the NFL a OG named Greene from Indiana who never played a down and was out of the NFL after his first year and basically the rest of the draft was just as bad except the only excuse was that they were lower picks. I keep saying Ireland certainly is not that bad compared to what we have had around here for a very long time. That's not saying there are not been better GMs out there but I certainly do not want to just change for changes sake. Plus I think Ireland might be learning from his past mistakes.
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