Apparently they do this every year, but I don't see anyone taking up the baton so I will, even though I haven't been in this forum very much.

The rules, you ask? Allow me to quote from Slainte's thread from last year:

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The draft is 2 days away and I have not seen one of these pop up, so I decided to do some digging in the archives, find last years and start up the 5th Annual Top 20 Contest!!! I hope I am not stepping on anyone toes....

Many posters here are familiar with this contest, but for those who don't know, make a list of 20 college prospects you think the Dolphins might end up with at the end of the draft and undrafted free agents. Any position, any school. The person who guesses the most prospects right... WINS. You actually do not win any prizes, only bragging rights. (Unless someone wants to offer up something, Season Tickets? I hear they are cheap and plentiful...)

I am still working on mine but check out last years thread if you need an example or more info.!!

Theres really only one rule put well by Mr. Magoo last year:

"Feel free to edit your picks for as long as you like... before the draft starts. Any posts made after 8 p.m. Thursday or any posts edited after that time will be disqualified and much shame will be brought on your family."

oh and you DO NOT talk about Fight Club.

Have Fun, post your top 20, and hope for anyone but Coples and Tannehill at 8!!!


Same rules apply. No editing after the Chiefs are on the clock. UDFA's count. Winner gets... winner stuff.

I'm not ready to post my initial list. Gotta wait on more Branden Albert news, but I'll have something up in a few hours.

Good luck to all of you...

Allez cuisine!