This year's draft, more than others I can remember, Miami has needs. However, those needs are for players to fit certain situations. While I have loved and supported the offseason, I still see areas of concern. The concern I have is who will fill and fit in critical situations.

I see the roster lacking in the following areas...
* Red Zone Threat: I am not sure who the target is that can go up and get the ball or box out receivers to score the TD (Eifert is appealing here)
* Short Yardage: Who is the RB to pick up 3rd or 4th and inches? Who are the TE's to help block in these spots?
* Defending TE's: Miami improved here last year and the new LB's might help as well. However, there are some nice safeties in this draft that will be difference makers when matched up with athletic TE's. If not Vaccaro in the 1st, there are some appealing safeties in round 2 and 3.
* Rounding out the Nickel and Dime Packages: You can never have enough corners, but what role the corners have on this team remains to be seen.
* Receiving Corps: This has improved by leaps and bounds. However, I want to see a diversified set of WR's and TE's to finally dictate to the opposition what we want to do. There are some attractive options in round 3 that might be able to aid in this concept.

So, while I want to add talented players, fill positional needs and draft for holes for upcoming years, I will be looking to see if help can be brought to these critical in game situations.