I'm beginning to get worried about the Jets selecting before and after us... I'm not necessarily worried about them in this upcoming season but they have the potential to dampen one of the most anticipated drafts in franchise history. I know a lot of us are pleased with Irelands efforts this off-season but we can't lose sight on his history on draft day. We have multiple picks after the 1st round but the Jets have two in the 1st round with the the majority of Mock drafts expecting them to go DE and WR/TE.

If they end up going this route, it could really work in our favor. I believe DE is a position we will consider in the later rounds. Did everyone forget O. Vernon?? I thought he played well and we drafted him only a year ago. Why is DE all of a sudden a position of need when J. Ireland already addressed it last year? Unless the DE will be DT hybrid, a 3-4 DE, which makes sense with this most likely being R. Starks' last year. I also believe we addressed our WR/TE in the off-season by signing three wide receivers (Wallace, Hartline, and Gibson).

You have to narrow down our options in the 1st round and I believe they are CB or OL. Not the sexy pick some are expecting such as T. Austin but this will continue improving our team for the upcoming season. As long as the Jets don't feel the need to replace D. Revis with a rookie CB we should be in good shape.

1. How would you guys feel if we targeted a CB with our 1st pick such as Milliner, Rhodes, or Trufant?
2. What are the chances of the NY Jets going CB as well?

Good luck tomorrow guys! I'm hoping we can look back on this draft as a model for the future.

Go Fins!