Alright, the draft is moments away so I think it's a good time to put together a NFL draft drinking game. The Rules:

1. Every time they mention Manti T'eo's off field "issues" take a drink.
2. Every time they refer to Ryan Tannehill take a drink.
3. If a player picked has a worse outfit than Julio Jones did - drink.
4. Every time a player bro hugs Goodell- drink.
5. If the Jests fans shake their head in displeasure or boo their pick - finish your beer.
6. Leon Sandcastle - drink....with style
7. Team trades into round 1 - drink
8. "honey badger" is mentioned - drink
9. After the Fins pick - finish your drink (celebrating or mourning)
10. Fins unveil an alternate jersey - finish your drink

im playing, hell ive already started. hope you join!