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Such a precious draft and irelands true colors are starting to show. Just because he swapped bess for gibson, bush for miller, keller for fasano, and signed wallace does not turn this offense into the 84' 49ers. Alot of work still needs to be done but irelans still is unable to sniff gamechanging talent when it is right under his nose. Hunter, allen, patton, dobson. We did not need dallas thomas the last few superbowl winners had patched up OL's. ravens had overweight mckinnie, packers OL was a mess, steelers OL was all patched up. But what they all had in common was weapons on offense. The jordan and taylor solid picks but our defense ranked 7th last year we did not need davis. Irleand still does a very poor job at recognizing skilled players in the draft. Go back to all his drafts no skilled players. Seahawks, 49ers, rams, vikings, bengals, jaguars are killing this draft. Btw patton smoked davis last year. Irelands gets all weird trades out then back into the 3rd for a borderline special team player in davis. 49ers stay put and get patton in the 4th. Did not need a n injured jenkins on this roster. Could of had patton to help tannehills development.
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