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Thread: With One Pick Left Barring Something Unforeseen....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spesh View Post
    No it isnt. Marshall is better then Wallace. He has been vastly more productive and there is more to his game. Marshall can make more contested catches, can make more plays after a catch, and can block better. Wallace is faster. And is Wallace that much faster? Marshall runs a 4.54 40. Wallace runs a what, mid 4.3? Id sacrifice the few tenths of a second for Marshall. Oh, and Marshall's production was higher when he had Cutler, Orton, and Chad friggin Henne as quarterback. Hartline is the same. Bess and Gibson are a push, and thats assuming Gibson gets over his drops. Which he didnt in St. Louis.
    Now you are changing up on me. I said that our current receiving corps is better than what we had on that previous squad. Never said anything about Wallace being better than Marshall who is, by they way, a very good receiver. He did not make our group better because he was really all about Brandon. Since you started this, was Moore better than Matthews? You know, that's what we had after the top three guys. Players like Moore.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spesh View Post
    I assume your refering to Matthews. When did our former 7th round pick become a stud? Everyone keeps saying it, i havent seen it. Tell me when he made his probowl appearance.
    See above. Matthews did see a lot more duty than Moore, right?

    Quote Originally Posted by Spesh View Post
    Not a single running back on this team is proven. We dont even know if they can stay healthy much less compete better. Reggie was very productive for us. Keller is a better receiver then Fasano but is more limited also. Plus Fasano never had a serious injury for us. Push.
    I did say from top to bottom. Again, I never said that any single player that we have was better than Reggie. Although, Miller could make us feel pretty good about him going forward.

    Keller is a MUCH better receiver than Fasano and I hate that we lost Anthony. Each has their strengths. Fasano was more of a blocking TE who could help you in the passing game at times. Keller is more of a passing game threat whose blocking is just OK. Maybe combined with Sims we will get the desired effect but both of those guys have their limitations.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spesh View Post
    Keep telling yourself that. Repeating something over and over again doesnt make it reality. Youve offered no explanation except for a blanket statement. I'll take that with the same confidence i did when other people declared we are going to the playoffs each of the previous offseasons. You know, the offseasons before our 4 consecutive losing seasons.
    No need for me to tell myself. It's clear. Never declared that we were going to the playoffs. I did say that we are a playoff contender. I believe that. You don't and from what it seems, will not believe that based on what's taken place this off season. Doesn't matter what I have to say. Your mind is made up. The sky is falling. Thing is, even Stevie Wonder could see that we are a better overall team than we were in 2011. Will that translate into more wins? I certainly hope so....

    Quote Originally Posted by Spesh View Post
    Yes, and they got superior rosters by drafted talented players. Not focusing on need. Which was my point. And the Phins admitted they draft for need. They have a horizontal draft board. Sure, they take talented players and sometimes a specific player causes them to move past their board, but they filter everything by position(and subsequently, which positions they need).
    Bro, you can save that. No team drafts strictly BPA. I've already said that the better teams are able to do that more frequently as their rosters tend to be a lot more stable. The teams that have glaring needs do not have that liberty. The draft approach for those clubs is most likely more need based.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spesh View Post
    And they got the superior roster because they drafted BPA in the past. They could then continue to take the BPA because they knew they had a talented roster. No one intends to draft busts. Everyone thinks they are drafting good players.
    Wrong. They got those superior rosters because they were able to get players that contributed either through free agency or the draft. It's a gamble. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spesh View Post
    You mean like how they took a chance on the corner Prince a year or two later despite being thin at that position? They draft for talent. Yes, they would have drafted JPP regardless of who played that position. They didnt draft JPP with the thinking "well, this guy is going to bust but hey lets take him anyways because we already have players there and also so we can give our opponents a chance". They said "this guy is a freak and we need him". By the way, love this past quote. First you argue teams should draft for need. Now your insisting the Giants drafted JPP because they already had their need filled at that position.
    Of course they didn't draft the guy thinking, "He's going to be a bust." They saw outstanding talent, they were set on the defensive line to begin with and they went for it! Good choice! The entire time though they were saying, "I hope that we are right about this kid."

    On the second part, you've got jokes now. Are you putting words in my mouth? Never said that teams should draft based on need. Please, show me where that happened. I said that with most teams it's a fine line between drafting for need and BPA.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spesh View Post
    Exactly my point. That roster is stacked. I didnt assign blame one way or another. I just pointed out they are in a great position because their roster is talented. And how did they get in that great position of having a talented roster.....could it be because they drafted talented players instead of focusing on holes? Im not sure, lets ask their new offensive lineman Ezekiel Ansah.
    Right, their roster is talented because they had been drafting near the top of the board for quite a while! They SHOULD have some talent by now, don't you think? Still, the Lions did not draft strictly BPA. That's where you are wrong. No team drafts that way. Even the best. They still take need into consideration...

    Finally, here's Detroit's 2013 draft. So what you're saying is that each of the players selected was the Best Player Available, right?

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