I'm giving this draft a B-. It wasn't too bad but we are trying to be the best, and this was not our best given 11 picks, 5 top 82 picks, plus trading away Devone Bess, as our resources. I'm not so disappointed in the players we got, but it's in the players we didn't get.

Most of our deficiencies on offense were ignored, and we also had many needs on defense and ST which were addressed. With all of those resources we should have drafted 11 players minimum, adding competition and depth at more positions. We only drafted 9 and one was a kicker.

Everything was going great, we traded away #42 for good value and then even recovered the lost pick at #82. But there in the third it started to unravel. Bess was traded for no picks to Cleveland for a seven slot trade up in the 4th and trading a high 7th for a basement 5th. The best part of that deal was the high 4th should have been tradeable during the QB run there, but for whatever reason, we used the pick instead; so much for Bess.

The victory at #82 was short lived when we turned around and gave our only good 5th and only good 7th left to GB (along with a 4th) to grab Davis at #93. There were several comparable CBs left and there was not much interest in CB after our panic pick. This cost us 2 players and we never got them back. Davis was an unnecessary trade up reach and then Jenkins was also a reach, at the Bess pick, which should have been traded to offset the Davis debacle. Quality LBs were selected all through round 4 after we selected Jenkins.

After we got Dion Sims, a lot of quality useful players slipped by us but we had given away our picks; all the time knowing we would draft Sturgis and Jones with our last two picks. That left us with one low 5 which was Gillislee and we were done. No OT, DT, nor WR picks, and no ST nor depth guys when we could have had two or three of these guys. We're not SF, we need holes filled, competition, and depth, so it's wrong to give away picks in this situation.

Sorry, but that isn't championship draft management. Parts of it were so they get a passing grade. It's too bad because we had a lot invested in this draft.