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You mean last season's WR corps that you were pumping up? I distinctly remember you stating that we were one of the top passing teams in the league going into the season. And you were spot on about Clyde "Garbage Time" Gates and Daniel Thomas. The commentary on pass catching TE is also strange because I remember you pumping up Fasano too, but now he didn't help that much and Hartline was on his own? Well, at least you admit when you are wrong. I respect that.

As for Hartline, I've already said multiple times now that he's a decent WR, and even good in some areas (godawful in others). Never once said I want to replace him. He's a hard worker and a reliable target inside the 20's. Doesn't mean the position can't or shouldn't be improved. But thank you for the YPC stats, which are some of the most worthless of all stats (are you really going to say Colston, Green, and Andre Johnson are worse WRs than Hartline because they have a lower YPC? ).

Also, we're well over a year removed from trading Marshall, so you can drop the weird infatuation with him.

You can call it complaining if you want, but the fact is, the WR corps could use further upgrades. Are they better than last year? Certainly. Does that mean there's no room to improve it further nor a need to considering this is now a passing league? Certainly not.

Is there any position that's "safe" to talk about needing improvements without being accused of not being a fan, or are we 100% set for a championship run?
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