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Thread: Improved pass rush + a defense who is not giving up quick scores WILL help Tannehill.

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    Smack Improved pass rush + a defense who is not giving up quick scores WILL help Tannehill.

    People seem to be ignoring the fact that our D has had a nasty tendency over the last few years to give up the quick score. This seemed to happen alot to the Dolphins last year right after Tannehill methodically drove us all the way down the field and leads us to a scoring drive. It was sad to watch really.

    having an upgraded D this year will help Tannehill and our offense in the following ways

    1)Our ability to create pressure on opposing qb's should be improved, remember last year when teams only had to worry about Wake and would pretty much just hold him on every play when he was close to the QB, they should not be able to do that if Jordan is even close to as advertised. This should help prevent Brady types from sitting back and carving us up in the passing game. and when our D can hold the line it reduces pressure on Tannehill to have to try and outgun everyone.Wake, Jordan and Vernon. Deadly!

    2) More opportunistic (and hopefully better) corners will also help prevent quick scores from opposing qbs. Our new corners all seem to have better ball skills than sean smith. Bottom line, I expect more picks this year especially when aided by more pressure on oppsing QB's. So again less pressure to respond to quick scores on Tannehill equals better decisions and allows us to run a more balanced offense.

    3)LB core was also revamped and is also likely to be more likely to create forced fumbles picks and sacks.

    4) Tannehill should have more short yardage situations, because of reasons 1, 2 and 3. short yardage situations mean more easy scoring situations.

    I believe a big reason we went mostly D in the draft was to take some of the pressure off of Tannehill and also give him more short yardage situations.

    This is the second stage of the plan that was started in free agency with the movement towards Player's who can get to the qb and create turnovers (Ellerbe, Grimes) It is not the sexy way to upgrade the team but it may pay more dividends to Tannehill than adding even more receivers to the mix of already a pretty strong point on our team in my opinion.
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    Couldn't agree more. Now lets just hope the plan unfolds the way it should

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