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Thread: Which would you have preferred?

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    Question regarding Dion Jordan pick

    I am thinking about the trade up for Dion Jordan and trying to decide if I like the move or if I don't. I must admit, when the move happened, I was pretty stoked, just because it was a bold move, and even if it doesn't work out, at least making a bold move is a different direction for this franchise, and I kind of like it. The price was also, relatively cheap.

    On the other hand, if I was sitting here today and Miami hadn't made that move, then by all accounts, they would've drafted Tyler Eifert at 12, which I would've loved. Then, with our second round pick we could've picked Margus Hunt for example. Margus hunt is 6'8, blocked 16 kicks in college, and looks to me to have quite a bit of potential as a pass rusher as well as someone who can be like JJ swat in batting down passes.

    So the question is, who would you rather have today now that the dust has settled?

    Dion Jordan plus the rest of our draft?


    Tyler Eifert and Margus Hunt plus the rest of our draft?

    I know it's hypothetical, and that it will all come down to how Dion Jordan develops, but I find myself wishing that we had stayed put at 12 and picked Eifert and Hunt or even Eifert and someone else.

    How do you feel?
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    I will love the move right up until the point in the season we realize that we haven't got a real left tackle. At that point, I'll love the player but not the move. I'm really really worried about the left tackle position. I think it's the deciding factor as to whether we're a playoff team.
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    If they sign eric winston to play right tackle.. I think Martin working harder in the offseason gaining weight and all.... I think we are gonna be just fine. And it will make this draft so much much better. GO FINS!!
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