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Thread: Armando Salguero: Dolphins DE Cameron Wake continues to push himself

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    Armando Salguero: Dolphins DE Cameron Wake continues to push himself

    And amid all these question marks stands Cameron Wake.
    An exclamation point.
    Cameron Wake!
    Forget that heís one of the longest tenured Dolphins. Forget that with consecutive Pro Bowl appearances heís one of the teamís most accomplished players. He starts 2013 right about where he left off last year.
    As Miamiís best player.
    As one of the NFLís best players.
    Thatís not one manís opinion. The NFL Network in the offseason ranked the leagueís top 100 players for 2013. Wake was the only Dolphins player making the cut. A panel of 481 NFL players submitted ballots to come up with the list, and Wake came in at No. 89.
    Fans also voted, and they decided the players vastly underrated Wake, something that would get no argument from the defensive end.
    ďThatís one of those things that comes from the outside,Ē Wake says with a shrug. ďI had a guy tell me about the top 100, but when you look at other studies, for example Pro Football Focus where they break down things and get a more holistic view of the game, I think thatís a more accurate tally of where I stand.
    ďAnd more important than that, I look at Coach Philbin and [defensive coordinator] Coach [Kevin] Coyle and [defensive line coach] Kacy Rodgers and ask them where they rank me. And they have trust and confidence in me. They think Iím one of the best out there.
    ďThatís where I continue to strive to be.Ē
    read more:http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/07/2...e-cameron.html
    "It happens all the time," Taylor said. "It's not an exact science and personnel guys aren't the end-all, be-all. " Jason Taylor,2011
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    What more can be said about the guy that hasn't been said? Hopefully with Jordan and an improved O.V. and the rest Wake will have his best season ever.
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