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He already has proven he can be a SB caliber QB, he helped us nearly reach 2 of them.

a makeable 58(it was 57 actually).

a 58 yarder(actually 57) is makeable but a 46 yarder is iffy? you just can't make this stuff up. Again, only funny when you aren't trying to be.

The great Nate Kaeding is a career 86% K in the reg season, he's a 53% K in postseason. He's kind of like the peyton manning of kickers. Sorry, kickers are part of the game. Our K missed 2 the following week at Indy, we weren't good enough that day and neither was SD this day.

Do yourself a favor, find someone who understands this game, get a copy of that SD game and ask them to evaluate the play of the QB. Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about while looking up boxscores.

You conveniently failed to mention how a Rivers interception at the jest 17 bailed Sanchez out after he threw what should have been the difference making interception. Do yourself a favor and watch these games without being a buttfumbler fanboy superfan.. Remove the coke bottle thick green lenses while you're at it.

Oh anhd if kickers are part of the game, that negates your BS earlier this year that Tannehill didn't set up Carpenter twice to beat the jest with what for over 90% of his peers were makeable kicks. Contradict yourself much? The only one who drove you to one postseason was Polian, who by the second stroke of his wand drove home how undeserving the jest were of being there by having his team outscore them 24-zero in the last 31 minutes to make a point.