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Thread: Who would you have taken with same picks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ckparrothead View Post
    Are you really trying to impress upon me that my preference of Travis Kelce over Jamar Taylor is null because you checked around for internet grades and found some people rating Dion Sims the same as Travis Kelce?

    How long have you known me?
    I take a little offense that you say I just "checked" the web a little bit and came to a conclusion. For someone like me that has respected your takes in the past, it is too bad you cannot do the same in return....so be it.

    I will never pretend to be a professional evaluator...newsflash...nobody is here on Finheaven...hence it is a fan site. However, I consider myself extremely informed. I have loved the draft since my childhood. I take in whatever I can whether it is TV programming, quality resources online like at CBS and Tony Pauline and watch college football all year with the draft in mind. From there, I formulate my takes. So when I say it is my assessment that I think Taylor and Sims are better prospects than Kelce, I say it from what I have developed and not a quick Google search.
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