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I don't call your posts negative. How can anyone expect you or anyone else to be positive all th ime when the team hasn't won a superbowl in 40 years? You're just being realistic. People on this love calling people haters just cause they don't believe every single move the team makes is a great move. I don't blame Ireland for everything but I also don't believe he's a very good GM.....I do like the fact that now he's taking some chances instead of trying to play it safe. Of course he knows he needs to win now so maybe he needed that push. Anyway, for whatever is worth, the words "haters" and "homers" need to stop. We're all just fans of the same team.

Ozzy rules!!
what is a good GM in your opine Danny?

Fact is, for all the biotchin over Ireland, the guy has done better than 2/3rds of the league the last two years. Once you have your Qb and coach, its all downhill from here as long as your drafting good.

This draft is an A or B by most people's standards. Most people say that LT is our only problem and keep bringing that up as if that were some kind of serious problem that will linger to eternity.

Well, we had four guys in lately who are very capable given Martin is bigger now and is up for taking the LT spot. But whatever, Ireland sucks and the rest of the league is just head and shoulders above.

Thats crap. The Jets are a complete joke. The Bills are a mess. The Steelers have spent there way into averageness. Ravens got their house stolen by Ireland by taking the one Lb they looked forward to.

Cmon man! You Ireland haters are unreal. You live in the past. You nitpick any negative you can get your hands on. We all know why you haters exist. Its because Bryants mommas a prostitiute.