I really like our #1 pic with his potential, but outrite I think the Giants may have the steel of the draft at DE and thats D Moore..
IMO we should have taken L Johnson to step in LT and taken Moore with any of our lower round pics, this would be possible because we had our trade up and he was available up to our 15th pic in the 3rd round (Giants took him 19).
If this was done we wouldn't be in this predicament of questioning Jordan's measurments and strength for a 4-3 DE and our lack of an elite LT also this would've let Martin continue to stabalize the RT spot where i think he did a fine job last yr.

Again just my opinion, D Jordan may be a product of hype and Ireland made this pic solely on potential and the kids continued growth as well as mis-judged the LT situation...

But in the end imma die-hard praying and hopeing what we are doing the right thing by taking Jordan and hope Martin can elevate his play at LT or bring in an above average LT will work out to at least get us in the playoffs, then who knows anything is possible!!