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Sounds like the kidney issue did play a part in his drop, probably scared some teams away. At the same time, he has switched medicines, the doctors told him his kidney function will improve and he says it never affected him on the field. Something to keep an eye on going forward, but it sounds like it is more likely not going to be a future problem then it being one.
Well, he likely wouldn't admit if he was feeling the effects of his problems or he may have attributed it to something else. I'm sure he told all the teams that he never felt like anything was wrong and that very possible since a lot of people with kidney problems don't even realize there is something going on.. Symptoms are generally mild - things like light headedness and fatigue.
The issue I am trying to understand is why the doctors would be telling him his kidney function is going to improve.. If they told him that that means he does not have kidney scarring. His condition will improve due to medication and diet management, but the kidney itself will never improve function. As I said in my previous post, once your glomerulus is damaged thats it, theres nothing that can be done to bring back their function. That's what leads me to believe there may be some discrepancy in the reporting maybe it's not actually kidney scarring.