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I wouldn't necessarily say he should've been a 7th round pick, but that's where I had him graded in terms of my interest. In other words, that's where I would've taken him to play right tackle. I don't buy the hype with him. Furthermore, I don't grade offensive lineman high that lack experience. The majority of Watson's pre-draft hype was built upon what was supposed to be outstanding athletic ability before he went to the combine and tested at the bottom of virtually every category. I don't subscribe to the upside, and as I mentioned a long time ago, I didn't like his age.

The real talent to me is found in Cameron Erving and Josue Matias when I study FSU's offensive line.
I love how effortlessly he moves at the 2nd level, in a scheme like ours he could even make a good guard as far as I'm concerned.