Imagine never having to wash, iron or dry clean your shirts again.
That’s the goal of Wool & Prince, a fashion brand launching a button-down that can be worn up to 100 times without washing — and it won’t smell or wrinkle, its designers say.
Laundry-adverse shoppers aren’t grossed out by the idea — in fact, a Kickstarter for the hopeful brand has raised more than $200,000 in a week, far more than its $30,000 goal.
The “Better Button-Down” is made from fine wool, which is more resilient and holds fewer odors than cotton or silk. Wool fibers are also harder to break and more likely to bounce back to their original shape, according to founder Mac Bishop.
He tested the shirt by wearing it for 100 days in a row — including through workouts — and documented the experience on the brand’s blog

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