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Your false concern amuses me. I like how when I pegged you for using your work computer to access this site you said "You don't work?" Welcome to 2013 Junc. I'm sure you're assuming we all have Internet Explorer tabs open on FH and TGG 8/5 (not 24/7 since you only share your wonderful company and expert anlysis during business hours). Either your company will limit the sites you access as a way of keeping unwanted junk off their computer or you will fill your work computer with adware and then they will investigate where it came from. Unless you work for yourself in that case, is business so bad you can't afford a cell phone? Now I'm worried about you Junc... I hope you don't get caught on this site 8/5 and canned or if you work independent I hope business isn't so bad you can only afford a rotary phone. Poor Junc....
I wouldn't worry about me but thank you for your concern. I love when people can't keep up in debates son they have to bring up nonsense to deflect.

I feel bad for you that you would root for something like that for someone you don't even know. You have some issues you need to work out besides your lack of football knowledge.