Not a Pats fan but am very curious what that organization is thinking.

They are in the twilight years of Tom Brady's career and they get rid of Wes Welker and Brandon Lloyd. 3 of their top 5 receivers are no longer with the team, Gronkowski is starting to break down (4th surgery) and the Patriots have done very little to replenish their losses. The Pats have proven incompetent in drafting quality WRs and the only success they've had in acquiring WR talent has been through free agency (Moss, Welker & Lloyd). The only WR they added in FA this year was Amendola, a clear downgrade from Welker who can't stay healthy and Michael Jenkins?

This offseason smells just like the one where they got rid of Seymour and other defensive players and ended up getting run all over and straight through in the playoffs.

Kraft must have Belichick on a budget.

Good for the Dolphins but definitely questionable direction. Without Brady you have to wonder if the Patriots would have been the Cleveland Browns all over again for Belichick.