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Thread: Interesting older articles about Huzienga's plan for stadium in 2005.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlockz View Post

    DAVIE — Dolphins owner H. Wayne Huizenga unveiled a sweeping overhaul of Pro Player Stadium on Monday that includes immediately renaming the team's home Dolphins Stadium and adding a roof and entertainment areas, a plan that could cost him more than $400 million.

    Amazing how things have changed since 2005

    He also bought the team for only around 165 million and sold it to Ross for 1.1 billion with a Capital B. With out those improvements.
    He also says in the article forthe stadium to remain competitive that it will need these renovations within 10 to 15 years, well its been only 8 and it does need the renovations.
    And Huizenga did not sell the team beacuse Blockbuster tanked he was on a selling spree he sold blockbuster to Viacom for 8.4 billion again with a capital B. He did not do any of the renovations because he realized he would never recoup his investments when the private financing for his Main Street idea did not materialize.
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    Huizenga did do over 250 million dollars worth of renovations on the stadium, but never to the degree that he originally envisioned. The fact that the debt for those renovations are still being paid off is one of the prime reasons Ross can't borrow more to do it himself.

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