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I undersold Dumervil. He did indeed have 23 TFLs as I recalled, but 21 of them were Sacks. I'd forgotten about that. Incredible. And indeed I believe he had 11 forced fumbles. That's a pretty good ratio (2:1). Normal ratio of sacks to fumbles is about 4:1.

I said that if you're plugging Roosevelt Nix in at defensive TACKLE there's a good chance he's unrosterable. Defensive end is a question mark. A "complete projection" as you put it.

And if your insinuation is that Roosevelt Nix is more valuable than Aaron Donald, I'll take that bet every time.

In what way? Nix is more valuable to his team's success without a doubt. Kent St. was a top 10 defense his freshman season because he was that dominant of a player. They're not a top 20 defense 2 of the last 3 years without Roosevelt Nix.

Aaron Donald has a tremendous impact for his team defensively, although Nix's impact for his team is simply more significant. Kent St. can't recruit like Pittsburgh.

Khalil Mack is the only other defender in the MAC who has that type of impact for his team.