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Thread: Ireland Passes The Torch To Philbin & Coaches

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    You're great bro, but I have to disagree with you on this one.

    As a team we finished 6th in scoring defense and in the lower 20'so in scoring offense. We have a young talented QB around whom we need to build. We had the 3rd most money in free agency and 5 picks in the top 82. That's a LOT of resources to address a lot of areas.

    We added 1 marquee receiver, Wallace, and I give Ireland high marks for.that. But, we lost our good LT and replaced him with a RT. We treaded water with all of our other offensive moves. We spent approximately the same amount on offense and defense in free agency, and used 1 of those high draft picks on a backup OL, passed up tons of weapons for Tannehill as we poured tons of high draft picks into defense.

    Offense wins in today's NFL.

    When you have a talented young QB, you build around him

    After spending all that money and using all those picks, I only see one major improvement in our offensive personnel, Mike Wallace. IMHO, that's not good enough.
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