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Which is to say if things go good, lets all try and find a way to say it is some how in SPITE of Ireland, but if we are 8-8 or worse, then it is ALL Ireland's fault, right??

The part that the Ireland haters don't see is that the OP was doing the EXACT same thing they do in reverse, to make a point. The part that GM haters don't seem to get is GMs are not fortune tellers, nor should they be judged as such. GMs make the best decisions possible to bring in as much talent as possible and then he moves ahead to prepare for the next season. Ireland or no one else can tell if Tannehill, or Wallace or anyone else is going to get injured during TC and miss the entire season. He can prepare with a solid backup, but he CAN'T tell the future. Same with the draft, all you can do is bring in talented COLLEGE players. NOBODY ON EARTH can tell you who is going to turn into the next Brady or the next Ryan Leaf, it simply CAN'T be done.

Don't judge a GM AFTER the season, judge him BEFORE. The after the season judgements are for the coaching staff and luck of the injury bug. Can someone really judge the Pats GM for Brady getting hurt back in 08 as the person to blame for them not making the playoffs that year??
This is such backwards thinking. You don't need to be an expert poker player to determine who the best players are. You don't look at a specific hand and say "he played that hand the same way I would, therefore he's a great player". If you want to know who the best poker player is you look at results.

And its not luck or being clairvoyant that explains why some poker players are so much better than others, its simple game theory, and the same goes for GMs.