One thing I learned about watching, A Football Life: The 1995 Clevend Browns, is that what happens off the field, effects a team on the field. The Browns lost like 7 games in row, after they found out they were moving. I believe the 2013 Miami Dolphins will struggle as well. I believe we will go 4-12, next year. I gotta a feeling it's going to get ugly. Honestly, Im very hurt, by this. It's like losing a family member or finding out you have cancer. I can't believe one person can't erase 40 years of history. Im very hurt, we are moving and there will no more Dolphins. I will not watch football ever again, starting this year. I won't speak to anyone ever again. I will become a bitter, lonely man. Im just glad I gotta a chance to see Dan Marino play. I was 5 years old, the last time we made it to the Superbowl in 1984. I remember bits and pieces of it.