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Thread: Official GTA V Thread

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    Official GTA V Thread

    I know the game doesn't release for a few months, but still surprised that not a single topic has been discussing the best videogame franchise ever made. GTA San Andreas is my favorite game of all time, and will probably never change due to the fact that it was my first real game I played...and had hundreds of hours of fun with. I like freedom in videogames, which is why I enjoy GTA so much. GTA IV was great during the first few months to a year, but after that it just grew extremely dull. No other GTA (III, Vice City and San Andreas) ever had the dull effect on me like IV did. The reason why I am so pumped for V to release is because of the location...by far the most important aspect of this series. I missed flying around the countryside, mountains and deserts...maybe a reason why IV grew old so quick. So what are your thoughts on all the new info of GTA V? Instead of blabbering my ass off, I'll just hit you up with a link here on all the latest info: http://www.gtav.net/ (I won't give a direct link to all new info, you can just use this site on your own free will...it always has the latest info on the game.)
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