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Thread: which rookie are you most excited by?

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    I am a huge Gator fan and got to see a lot of Gillislee. He is a great all around back, and had he been in the draft 5-7 years ago when RBs were taken early he would be a top 10 pick. He is plays much bigger and stronger than his size. He runs hard and hits the hole hard. He doesnt dance around, he would rather run through you, than around you. He can pass block really good (which is why I think he beats out Miller) and he can catch the ball out of the back field. I am no scout nor expert but i see no major flaws in his game. He should beat out Miller, but having both young backs is going to be really exciting for us, and i love them both. Great 1-2 punch, and i see them both becoming great players.
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    Re: which rookie are you most excited by?

    Jordan. Absolutely loved the pick. Not a big fan of anything that happened after that.

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