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Thread: Some photos I took at Sun Life Stadium team store

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    i love it too! switching from the perfect logo of old seemed a daunting task. however i think they nailed it, not becoming a regeneration of the JJ/wannestadt days (added helmet design/grin), and completely reinventing itself. The new logo is fresh, new, and follows the new england style of design as something new and waiting to be seen. Its a modern design, and lets face it, having not won a championship since 72, we needed a new design. hopefully our luck will fall like new englands!
    Brent Grimes: I have never been a free agent. I picked Miami because they are building something great here and I want to be a part of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck-182 View Post
    Still can't believe I'm the only one who loves the new logo
    You ain't I love it too. The logo and the new color scheme, I love it all fins up
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