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Thread: Rishard Matthews

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    Back to the days of Dan the Man airin it out. Running backs main duties catching out of the backfield and a good chance of the defense staying winded.
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    I love the fact that every wr is gonna line up at every position on the field for us I believe. Gibson is not just set in as slot wr. players will be moving around. hartline will see touches in the slot, Wallace will be seeing touches in the slot. I could be way off, im not philbin or Sherman, but I really look for all the wr's to play all the wr positions. one of the reasons why bess was gone, he really was not a good outside wr. I liked the guy, love his ability but it was mainly just behind the LB's. all of wallaces highlights are from the outside position but the coaches are the ones who watched the film and said he could line up anywhere. I think hartline could line up in slot, Gibson. hartline and Gibson on the outside running 17 yard comebacks with Wallace in the slot running a post could cause big problems for d's. where as not knowing where the comeback route is gonna be, prob the best routes with hart and gibs can cause issues too.
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