As some of you may not know, there will be a friendly soccer game at Sun Life Stadium between Haiti and Spain, the reigning European and World Cup champion.This is a great and genius marketing move by the Dolphins and I think it may help with another stadium bill. The game is enjoying enormous enthusiasm as sports radio journalists talk it up and the Dolphins are also getting lot of credits for taking that initiative.

The match-up ó or mismatched ó is more than just about a game. Itís about the marketing gurus at the Miami Dolphins home turf seeking to make Miami the home of international soccer, an earthquake-recovering nation struggling to make sports development a priority and one manís vision to give poor, talented youths a future.

Evan Brady of INSIGNIA Sports & Entertainment said the idea to bring Spain and Haiti together was that of the Dolphins.

Great move and Go Dolphins!!!!!

I hope they don't move this thread yet as Dolphins nation could see that great initiative.