Spot on Hayden. Great write up as always. I especially agree with you on two things. First you are right we HAVE to create more TO's. And if we have added more speed on defense that should help a lot. We created fumbles last year, but we sure didn't recover most of them. And like you I'm also concerned about chemistry with all the turnover in personnel. It may take awhile on both sides of the ball for the Phins to realize their full potential. Especially at LB. We get younger and faster there, but Dansby and Burnett constituted a solid veteran presence at the position. I like Ellerbe and Wheeler on paper, but it's probably best we wait to see how the unit plays together on the field before crowning them. While we should be much improved this year (especially if Tannehill excels), to me the off season moves we made were with an eye on next year and beyond more than just this season.