i wouldnt count the ravens out in the afc.

yes they did lose lots of talent, but lets not forget, a guy like lewis was more effective from a motivational standpoint lastyear than actually on the field. ed reed has had a hall of fame career, but his body has been falling apart and he may not even be ready for opening day with the texans, and i have heard talk how they may give him some games off throughout they year.

krueger and boldin were pretty tough loses, as was ellerby, but they did sign dumervill who is really good when healthy, they also signed chris canty who while not a all pro by any means is still very solid and can be effective for that ravens line, and they still do have ray rice, joe flacco, and torri smith, pita and dickson.

im sure someone will come in and fill boldins shoes. we see it all the time in the nfl.

i deff agree with us making the playoffs, because if not now, then when? however, i do feel people are taking baltimore lightly this season due to all the losses in offseason. they still got a top 5 qb in joe flacco imo.

ravens will win there division