Hmmm, I'm trying to determine what is a play maker for you guys..

a. a guy that makes plays when needed? or
b. a guy who scores TD's when making a play?

I guess my question comes from, was Bess a play maker or not? When we needed first downs, was he a play maker, or did his lack of TD's make him a non play maker?.. so in open field was he a play maker, and in the red zone he was that accurate? Is that his fault or the QB's..because I saw him get open on a number of redzone plays, great moves, but didn't get the ball.. So is it TD's or available for plays and made them when needed?

In mho, both Hartline and Bess were above average receivers when catching the ball, but were average receivers when the ball was in their hands outside the redzone, and marginal inside the redzone..but some of that is QB play..the lack of turning a play into a TD or an extra 20-30 yards after the catch makes them non play makers in my book..but I give a special salute to both for being 1st down machines...they make the hard catch which could be consider a play maker in some circles. I can see that too. YAC defines a play maker for me.