Just bringing this up since this forum is pretty dead yet we may have our first (and possibly only) significant Supplemental Draft prospect for 2013.

Charles Sims of Houston earlier this off season announced he's leaving the University of Houston. I believe he's graduating there and looking to either transfer or to enter the NFL Supplemental Draft. But Houston handed down stipulations on his transfer that he not transfer within the state of Texas, within the All American Conference, or to any team Houston plays in 2013.

Just the other day on June 18th, Jeremy Fowler of CBS reported the following:

Talked to a few coaches waiting to hear on decision of Houston RB Charles Sims. Those coaches fully expect him to enter NFL Supplemental Draft.
That's pretty big news.

The Dolphins currenlty have Daniel Thomas backing up Lamar Miller. It's no secret that I'm not a fan of Thomas. I like Gillislee, but from a pure vision standpoint he's got a ways to go before he's really up on this offense.

Charles Sims I consider unique in that he's so accomplished as a pass catcher and route runner that you could almost consider moving him to the wide receiver position. But he's also a very good runner, and makes quick decisions in the backfield, showing good vision. It's not surprising that he has a low percentage of runs that get stopped for a loss or zero gain. He's kind of a cross between Reggie Bush and Demarco Murray. That doesn't mean he'll be as good as either player. Those are just the players I'm reminded of.

If you're trying to YouTube his videos, you won't find much from 2012. Mostly all from 2011. To be honest, I've exhausted most of my sources of film and come up with not much in the way of video on him in 2012.