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Thread: Congratulations to the Miami Heat...

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Message: Here ya go.Cam Wake 91Tannehill 17
    Quote Originally Posted by Bumpus View Post
    Yeah, hi.

    Not happy.



    Yep, seems like a Dolphins season. (first the Pens choke, then the Spurs choke)

    Coors Light?
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    I'm 28, I was born March 1. The Dolphins have literally not made it to the the Super Bowl in my entire lifetime (since I wasn't born yet when they lost to the 49ers). The Heat and Dolphins are all I got since I don't follow college sports nor any other pro sports besides MMA (which is individual, not team) and soccer (I don't have a team, I root for players).
    The entire time I've lived here (1988-90, 1999-currently) the Dolphins have been mediocre while the Heat have built three contenders and won it all with two of them. The Heat are the only team in sports that bring me happiness.
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