I guess I mistakenly assumed Dolphins fans would be Heat fans, since we all live down here in Miami. I forget we have international dolphin fans who are NBA fans of other teams and so their saltiness of the HEAT shines through.

I mean, you have guys like Kobe arrested for rape, running his teammate out of town, ruining a dynasty, making the GOAT Coach hate him, call him uncoachable..... among other things....

you have guys like Dwight Howard who have re-defined the meaning of Flip Flop, has currently 5 or 6 children out of wedlock with 5 or 6 different women, and demanding trades while still under contract. (Something Kobe did as well)

you have guys like Carmelo Anthony who get into legal issues and fight on the court......

but it's LeBron, someone who has never been arrested, never demanded a trade, honored his playing contract and informed the Cavaliers he would decide his future in free agency, and really never did anything wrong, he is the one most despised. You would think he was the mastermind behind 9/11 by the way some people talk. "Worst person in all of sports" they say. Michael Vick tortured dogs right? Aaron Hernandez obstruction of justice in a murder case? Chad Johnson domestic abuse? Kobe arrested for rape?

but nah dawg, dat LeBron, i hate him, he went to Miami Heat !!!!!!!! ahhhhh!!!!!!!!

Whatever. I don't have this problem when I hang out with my buddies who are Dolphin fans, cause we live in Miami and are also Heat fans. LeBron is 305 all day now, and all this hate reminds me of the Miami Hurricanes. Rest of nation always hates Miami. Jealousy.