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What can I say, I'm worse then a chick on her time of the month. You have no idea how much stress was lifted off my shoulders when the clock hit 0:00.

Not trying to be funny or anything but I feel for you though, I know your a hardcore Spurs fan (remember seeing your tattoo, I have a Heat one) and it sucks to loose. Especially the Finals. 2011 was a huge punch in the gut and to this day, I have not let it go.
I respect you pal. What I didn't respect was a lot of you quitting after each loss. The same thing happened on Spurstalk.com though so apparently it happens. With teams who have won as much as SA and Miami has the last 15 years, I never understood why there'd be such doom and gloom after a loss but it just seems to be the way of the land.

I didn't really think the Spurs would beat the Heat. I didn't think it'd go to Game 7 either so I guess I don't know **** about anything

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The Heat hate on this site is disgusting.
You expected everyone to kiss their ass? I'm sure you hate AFC East teams or some other rivals of your other favorite teams. There's no difference.

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Doubt it, but it's nice to dream However I'm beyond thrilled at what the Heat have accomplished, 3 straight Finals, back to back champions, if we don't 3-peat and LeBron does leave elsewhere after that season i'd be disappointed but Hell i'm grateful and consider this Big 3 worth it, at least in my opinion.
Doubt what? If James went elsewhere and had the success he's had in Miami you'd talk **** about him too.