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Thread: Jaws Ranks Matt Flynn's Arm Strength Rock Bottom (The Wisdom of Coach Joe)

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishfanmiami View Post
    Yea Hasselback just won games.

    I think we almost got him before he went to Seattle. Supposedly it was for a 2nd which was our modus operandi back in the Wanny days.

    What could have been with Ricky running the ball and him as our QB
    Well the question is how would Hassleback have done outside of the WCO. Holmgren drafted Matty in Green Bay, and then traded for him. Look at AJ Feely. He looked great in relief for McNabb, we traded for him and he became a pick-6 machine. He goes back to Philly as a backup and looks good.

    As for Flynn, I'm sure he would've been okay here, but I was never a fan of giving him a hefty long term commitment. I think in Oakland's WCO he can look solid, but again, I wouldn't be shocked if a strong armed QB like Tyler Wilson impresses coaches a bit more a la Russell Wilson
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    And to think a lot of fans wanted to sign him.

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    if Philbin wasn't the one who saw him so up close and personal, distinct possibility it could have been us behind this expensive 8-Ball. Fortunately, things seem to be working out nicely:

    per PFT:

    After breaking down the obvious, that Matt Flynn didnt play well, the Raiders also admitted how close Terrelle Pryor was to making him a moot point.
    According to Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group, Raiders coach Dennis Allen said they erred on the side of extreme caution with Pryors concussion.

    We were actually at a point where we were ready to go with Terrelle, Allen said. We visited with him one more time with the doctors, and we just didnt feel good about letting him play. It just wasnt the right thing to do, and we wanted to make sure we did right by him.

    Allen said he was very hopeful, that Pryor would be able to return next week against the Chargers.

    We were at the point where we were about ready to say, Hes got it, but we just didnt feel comfortable going ahead and letting him play, Allen said.
    While having so much staked to Terrelle Pryor speaks to the overall situation in Oakland, Flynns deficiencies made it clear how much they need him.

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    Jake Long and Matt Flynn avoided. Good stuff.
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