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The Dolphins had been to the playoffs twice before 1972? Okay so that means they got to the playoffs in 1970 and 1971. They were founded in 1966. So for some odd reason the Dolphins were able to make the playoffs 5 years into their existence whereas Pittsburgh had 40 some years to do the same thing but couldn't. Yet this is a knock on the Dolphins b/c of Pittsburgh's lack of playoff success.

That's great. Again seeing as how this all occurred before I was born I don't give a flying ****. But it shows you'll knock the franchise in mostly any situation.
I like you phinz but some of the stuff you write is insane. You just don't have an understanding of some of the stuff we discuss.

Where did I knock the phins? Saying I don't think the '72 phins were the best of all time is not knocking them and by the way Don Shula and Dick Anderson agree w/ me. here are a few others:

“I’ll say that this ring is for Super Bowl VIII, the one after the perfect season,’’ said Newman, a rookie guard on the champion 1973 Dolphins who went on to play in four Pro Bowls during his 12-year career. “Certainly, it’s more memorable to be perfect, but the players off that 1972 team will tell you they thought the ‘73 team was better.’’
“We had a better team in 1973,’’ said Kiick, a gritty running back who scored touchdowns in both Miami Super Bowl wins. “The schedule was tougher, and we also were more experienced. The record wasn’t perfect, but we dominated the Super Bowl.’’
“A lot of the guys on the teams were the same, but we were a more polished team and more mature team,’’ Warfield, a wide receiver, said of 1973. “We had understood the concept of winning when everybody was gunning to try to beat us. We were a better team in 1973.’’