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Thread: Armon Binns could force his way into the Miami receiver rotation

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    Quote Originally Posted by tazthenomad View Post
    I think another factor this thread is not taking into account is how much better we are with Keller @ TR compared to Fasano
    I think there's a good chance that Keller is #2 on this team in TD receptions and maybe even yards. Of our receiving threats with any track record in the NFL, he's the only one with the athleticism to make D's pay for focusing on Wallace.
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    I think Keller and Hartline will have the most catches while Wallace should lead us in TD's and possibly yardage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbhcu98 View Post
    And you know Binns would get cut on a team with good WRs.... how? No one said Hartline or Wallace has stepped up in OTAs, is anyone saying a thing about that? How do you know Gibson or Matthews isn't stepping up? Because of this one lil article about Binns? If you can't see out WR corps is much improved then you little about football.
    It has nothing to do with "one lil article." There have been many reports saying that Gibson is not fitting in well so far in the slot. Mathews hasn't been getting the attention either, Binns has...and quite frankly he did not impress me at all last year. He didn't impress other teams either...that's how we ended up with him. Wallace hasn't even been making a big splash either.

    So far, the WR corps is only improved on paper...and is looking to actually be worse in the slot. It was supposed to be improved with Marshall before. How'd that work out? So don't tell me, "if you can't see our WR corps is much improved, then you know little about football"; because if you don't put offseason moves in perspective and look beyond the hype....then you know nothing about football.

    I have seen this type of hype too many times be drawn in. This WR may be great...and it may also flop. Wallace may turn out to be a "one trick pony" like some think, and we may not end up with anyone who plays the slot well. This WR corps has just as good a shot as being a complete failure as it does at being great.
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