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Thread: 36 Cheap American Beers Ranked

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoonBoss View Post
    "Pearl" beer. Sir, was the best of the worst. I used to hang out with a guy that worked at the brewery
    when I was at BNOC in San Antonio. It was gloriously bad beer.

    It's a hipster brew now, as I understand, it's brand was bought, etc. It's not like the old days.
    The old Italian guy with the corner store used to have $1.75 six packs of 16oz Slitz pounders. My buddy was the only one that could buy beer there underage, if anyone else tried Jimmy would case you out screaming with his fist in the air but my one friend could get beer evertime so $1.75 sixers of Slitz pounders it was!

    We wazz po' but even in 1988 we could scrape up a buck seventy five!
    "Frank's Redhot - I Put That **** On Everything!" ~ Ethel

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    Man oh man! I can't believe how far down the list good ol' Natty Boh is! It's an all-time favorite ****ty beer of mine. It's got a metallic twang all it's own. Oh, Baltimore.

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